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DIAMO VELUX Convertible Scooter

Every once in a while a new product comes along that changes the way people think. Introducing the Diamo Velux: the only scooter in the United States to sport a fully retractable convertible top, allowing drivers year-round use in most climates. The Velux is an amazing vehicle that will catch everyone's attention as you ride down the road ... is it a two-wheeled car or a motorcycle with a roof? Be one of the first to own one of the most radical scooters on the market! The Velux combines the advantages of a two-wheeled motorized transportation with the strengths and protection of the automobile by offering weather protection and comfort without foregoing the pleasure of riding a motorized two wheeler. Best of all, it has one of the strongest and most reliable engines on the market for a 150cc Scooter that allows you to move in and out of traffic with ease. This is also the perfect two-seater scooter -- just look at the seat and back support for the second rider (comes standard with flat seat).

The Velux has been updated with more features and options which make the overt, hybrid design more than just cosmetic. The retractable top is designed to protect you from the wind and rain, it can be quickly retracted in one easy step. No other scooter on the market comes close to the style and versatility of the Velux, which features increased storage capacity, a remote alarm, a radio/CD/MP3 player, and room to add an optional GPS system.13" tires with ABS DISC BRAKES make this the most comfortable scooter you have ever ridden on. The optional power upgrade allows the Velux driver to cruise safely on highways and is an exciting way to get around town. This has to be the limo of all scooters! And at 70 mpg, you'll save a fortune on gas.

Some of the best scooter designs originate in Italy, and the Velux is no different. The Velux was Designed by the Italian Company Benelli which has granted LS MotorSports the exclusive rights to in the USA. The scooter is built with the highest quality parts from Taiwan by such reputable companies as Sym and Kymco. Great style and tremendous quality at an amazing value. The perfect combination.

(Also available in 250CC)

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